Music Therapy 101

The question that comes to mind is that what music therapy actually is? Well the answer to that question is pretty simple. Not many people know about music therapy but this article will try and clear out any misconceptions and answers that you might want to find for your questions. Music therapy is basically usage of music as a therapeutic tool to make life easier and better to cope with.

Music Therapy is Efficient

Yes, music therapy is actually a form of therapy which helps in relieving mental stresses of life. Music therapy is equally efficient as other forms of therapy and if you are unsure about it then you should also know there are above thousand certified therapists who are currently practicing in the United States only and there are several thousands in the world.

Human Brain Responds to Music

One thing that you should keep in mind is that human brain is actually very responsive to music. So music therapy is actually effective and science has proven it. What happens is that our brain starts being responsive to music at a very early age and that means that be it an adult or a baby. They will be equally affected by music. If a baby is crying you try to soothe the baby by singing lullabies which again is a form of music. Most people listen to loud music when they are in a bad mood or angry in general.

1387304944000-musicMusic has Physiological Effect

Not only our brain but our bodies also respond to music. When you listen to something really intense or something that gives you Goosebumps or makes your heart rate quicken it means that your body is responding to the music you are listening to this. This response is also known as physiological response to music. In music therapy, the therapists use music as a tool for the purpose of relaxation of the patients’ mind and body both.

Music can Influence Human Emotions

Another thing about music is that it has the ability to actually have an influence on the human emotions. For instance, have you ever listened to a song or just plain music that has made you sad or nostalgic? That is how music can change your moods and emotions. It has the ability to make you feel which is what music therapist do, they help you in blocking out negative emotions and help bring in the positive ones.

Music can Enhance Attention Skills

Music has another positive ability, that is, to improve and enhance the attention skills. Whenever all of a sudden a song comes up that you have heard before you start analyzing the songs that you have heard in the past in order to recognize it. This shows that it helps people in enhancing their cognitive abilities without having them to be distracted. Music has a lot of positive sides to it as well. Although not many people will agree but it can be very therapeutic to listen to music.

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Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

If you have friends or people in your family who have birthdays coming up, or have some sort of special event in their life coming up and you cannot come up with good gift ideas then this guide will help you find the perfect gift for them. Basically this guide will cover the most perfect gift ideas for music lovers. We know how picky people can be when it comes to a choice of their music. Here is a list of gift ideas that will help you find the most perfect gift for your music loving friends and family.

A Good Pair of Earphones

If you are doing last minute shopping for your friends and they love music then you can always get them a pair of good quality earphones. Trust us, a good pair of earphones is considered heavenly for your friends who love music. It will not cost you much and will make them really happy as well. It does not get better than this.

T-shirt of their Favorite Artist

If you have a friend who is a music lover then you should order a t shirt of the artist he or she likes. They will wear that shirt even long after it is torn, that is how dedicated music lovers can be.

Concert Tickets

concert-ticket-invite-RaeHeartsDesign_2If their favorite band is in town and their birthday happens to be around the corner then what could possibly be better than buying them concert tickets for them. Add a backstage pass and they will never forget it and it will make them extremely happy, having to meet them in person and listening to their music.

Engraving of their Favorite Lyrics

If you are on a budget and your friend’s birthday is near. You can go to any jewelry store and buy an accessory of their liking and get an engraving of their favorite lyrics on it. If you cannot afford a jewelry then you can go ahead and get it done on a wooden material, it will be cheaper and unique.


If you cannot think of anything or do not have time to be creative then just go ahead and preorder the album that your friend has been wanting for a long time now. It will save you a lot of time and money. If you can get a signed CD it will be even better and probably one of the best things that ever happened to your friends.

Vinyl Records

If your friend is an old school music lover and likes to collect music vinyl records then you can get him or her a few vinyl records to add to their collection. It will make them infinitely happy and forever grateful. Even though vinyl records are a tad bit more expensive than the CDs but worth every single penny that you pay for them. They will put a huge smile on your best friend’s face and make them remember you every time they play it.

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